How to Transition from Apple Notes to Evernote

Ah! Finally!! After a few different google searches and paying $0.99 for an app that exported all of my Apple Notes to .txt files only to realize there was no easy way to import .txt files with metadata to the Evernote app, I finally found an Applescript online that works perfectly!

I needed this because I still have a Mac laptop, but I recently ditched my iPhone for the new Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Here is the link where I found the script. The user who created it is bzerangue. I made one slight customization in the tags part-- I wanted the name of the imported notebook to be "Apple Notes" and to have all the notes tagged with "applenotes".

I've decided to make this blogpost for people who are looking for this solution, but may not even know to search for an "apple script" in google because they don't know what it is!

So if you're looking for a headache-free way to transition from Apple Notes to Evernote on a Mac and want to keep your file creation + modification dates, follow these easy steps below!

1. Find the application. Search for Script Editor or go to folder Applications > Utilities > Script Editor

*This application comes pre-installed on your Mac*



2. Create a New Document



3. Copy and paste the script text that follows after all these steps



4. Click the Play icon



5. Import is complete when the Refresh/Sync icon stops turning blue and rotating in the Evernote application bar

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 3.55.01 AM.png


6. Exit out of Script Editor. No need to save the script file unless you think you need to do this again. If you do, this WILL create duplicate notes.

tell application "Notes"

set theMessages to every note

repeat with thisMessage in theMessages

set myTitle to the name of thisMessage

set myText to the body of thisMessage

set myCreateDate to the creation date of thisMessage

set myModDate to the modification date of thisMessage

tell application "Evernote"

set myNote to create note with text myTitle title myTitle notebook "Apple Notes" tags ["applenotes"]

set the HTML content of myNote to myText

set the creation date of myNote to myCreateDate

set the modification date of myNote to myCreateDate

end tell

end repeat

end tell

Cecilia Lewis